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SMMS fabric passed EN 13795(2011) test

We passed the EN 13795(2011) test at 10-09-2012:

Test items as follow:

EN 13795(2011)          ISO 22610(2006)                    Resistance to wet microbial penetration

EN 13795(2011)          ISO 22612(2005)                    Resistance to dry micorbial penetration

EN 13795(2011)          EN ISO 11737-1(2006)          Microbial cleanliness       

EN 13795(2011)          ISO 9073-10(2003)                 Linting and cleanliness- particulate matter

EN 13795(2011)          EN 20811(1992)                     Determination of the resistance to warter penetraton - Method of hydrostatic pressure

EN 13795(2011)          EN 29073-3(1992)                 Determination of the breaking strength and elongation of non-woven

EN 13795(2011)          ISO 13938-1(1999)                Determination of the bursting strength  

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