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SMS (Thermal bonded)

2 kind of Surface style: Plain & Ellipse;
High GSM more than online lamination;
GSM of each layer can be controlled;
Soft hand feeling;
Wide range of uses;

SMS (Thermal bonded)

Brand : JF
Raw material : 100% Polypropylene
Technic : SMS Offline lamination
style : Ellipse or Plain
Weight : Medical standard
Max. Roll width : 2400mm
color : Medical standard
Treatment : Anti-static;Antistatic & Alcohol repellent



A kind of three layers laminated non-woven fabric, its manufacture by the combination of spun-bond (S) and melt-blown (M) technologies from polypropylene. The basic qualities of this type of non-woven fabric include barrier qualities that are used to prevent liquid leakage or to separate very fine solid particles.


Offline laminated:

In the year 1994, our company set up a Kuster® Offline lamination line. With the help of Reifenhauser® Melt-blown line, we begin to produce SMS fabric.

The offline lamination line can’t produce either Melt-blown or Spun-bond, we put the rolled Spun-bond and Melt-blown on the machine, then the machine laminated them together .



--The offline laminated SMS’s GSM can be more higher than online laminated SMS, and more soft in same GSM.

--Each layer of SMS can be changed as customers’ requirement, include their position, GSM, treatment and function. The combination of three layers is very flexible, even can produce SM, SS.

--The offline laminated SMS line can not only laminate SMS but also other kind of Heat-sensitive material, such as PE, PET etc.