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SMMS Anti-Static & Alcohol-Repellent

Alochol repellent (6-8 and 9-10 grade is available)
High Anti-static (108-1012 is available)
Blood repellent
Oil repellent

SMMS Anti-Static & Alcohol-Repellent

Brand : jianfei
Raw material : 100% Polypropylene
Technic : SMMS Online laminated
style : Ellipse
Weight : According to customers' requirement
Max. Roll width : MAX. Roll Width 3.2m
color : According to customers' requirement
Treatment : AntiStatic & Alcohol Repellent Treatment


ASAR (Antistatic &Alcohol Repellent)

--A kind of finishing treatment processing of SMMS non-woven, make the SMMS non-woven possibly Antistatic & Alcohol Repellent. Also repellent the blood.

Alcohol repellent: 10 grade (That means it could barrier 100% Alcohol)

 Anti-static(108-1012 )

SMMS like SMS is a kind of laminated non-woven fabric, its manufacture by the combination of spun-bond (S) and melt-blown (M) technologies from polypropylene. The basic qualities of this type of non-woven fabric include barrier qualities that are used to prevent liquid leakage or to separate very fine solid particles.