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SS spunbond nonwoven fabric

SS spunbond nonwoven fabric

Brand : JF
Raw material : Polypropylene
Technic : SS spun-bond
style : Oval
Weight : 10-100g/m²
Max. Roll width : 3200mm
color : According To Customer’s Requirement.
Treatment : Anti-static; Hydrophilic;



Spunbonds are used mainly for hygiene products such as baby and adult diapers, feminine care, and medical products such as protective apparel. Spunbonds also are used more and more in technical applications. These are used mainly for construction, coating substrates, agriculture, battery separators or even disk covers.

i) Sanitary and medical

The use of spunbond web as a coverstock for diapers and incontinence devices has grown dramatically in the past decade. This is mainly because of the unique structure of spunbond, which helps the skin of the user stay dry and comfortable. Additionally, spunbond webs are cost effective over other conventional nonwovens. Spunbond web, as coverstock, is also widely used in sanitary napkins and to a limited extent in tampons.

In medical applications many traditional materials have been replaced by high performance spunbonded webs. The particular properties of spunbonded webs, which are responsible for medical use, are: breathability; resistance to fluid penetration; lint free structure; sterilizability; and, impermeability to bacteria. Medical applications include: disposable operating room gowns, shoe covers and sterilizable packaging.

ii) Packaging

Spunbonded fabrics are widely used as packaging material where paper products and plastic films are not satisfactory. The examples include: metal-core wrap, medical sterile packaging, floppy disk liners, high performance envelopes and stationery products.